The idea for Pint Size Painters came about from the hard work and dedication to childhood education and development that my mother has displayed throughout her teaching career.  Every year she teaches her preschoolers about great artists from the past and present.  Over the years watching the kids learn and grow with such enthusiasm for each new art project inspired us to want to share it with the world.

Our goal with Pint Size Painters is to spread the happiness that comes from creating and learning.  Each kit that we create is designed to teach children about an artist while submerging them in an artist's world.  By engaging the kids in a fun, self expressive way they are more inclined to retain the knowledge.

We are committed to bringing art to all children.  A portion of all our proceeds will be donated to keeping art alive in schools.  Our mission is to be able to donate fully stocked art carts to schools that have had to discontinue their art programs due to lack of funding.  

149 Westend Ave

Freeport, NY 11520


Tel: 516-208-5512


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